Thursday, 12 June 2014

7 Cool Google Secrets you Don't know about

1. Atari Breakout

Do a search on Google Images for "atari breakout".

And you can play a classic game.

2. Google in 1998

Search for "Google in 1998"

And '98 version of Google will appears.

3. Barrel Roll

Search for "do a barrel roll"

And Google does a barrel roll....

4. Custom Street View

If you go to Legoland on Google Maps

The Street View pegman becomes a...


And if you go to the Kennedy Space Center...

It's an Astronaut!

5. Bacon Number

If you enter "bacon number" after a celebrity's name...

It shows their Bacon Number (degrees of separation from Kevin Bacon).

6. Anagram

If you Google "anagram"... Google suggest an anagram of "anagram".

7. Zerg Rush

"Zerg Rush" is an video game term for an overwhelming attack...

And when you search it Google starts the Attack on results.

GG = Good Game