Friday, 22 February 2013

Steps for Career Planning

  1. To Understand the Self : To make a wise career choice, one should know the interests, aptitude,       abilities, skills, health conditions, personality and priorities of the person.
  2. To obtain information about various occupations.
  3. Short list some occupations (3-4) which suit the person.
  4. Thorough analysis of each of the selected occupations : To this end one may collect information about the following : 
  • Nature of work.
  • Work Environment.
  • Qualification and Physical requirements.
  • Method of entry.
  • Advancements or promotion prospects.
  • Economic Returns.
  • Advantages and Disadvantages.
     5.  Match the qualities which you possess with the qualities required for each of the selected occupations.
     6.  Select the most suitable occupation.
     7.  Work towards achievement of your goal of entering into the occupation.